An Apology

An Apology

A tweet was posted the other day by Matt Frederick with a statement from the mouths of Alderman Christine Ingrassia and Mayor Francis Slay. It said that they reached out to Foundry St. Louis about MLS expansion and “found that it did not have [the] claimed private financing”. Foundry’s response is below.

My goal here is not to debate whether that is true, but rather to address my involvement in the situation. I’ve had an inner debate for a long time whether even bringing up the topic is harmful/helpful, but since the topic has resurfaced I think the time is now to make my statement:


I posted a public letter from Foundry St. Louis in November. The letter was definitely, well, a lot of things. I don’t regret posting the letter. It was already in print and scheduled to be posted elsewhere. I, however, let St. Louis down by inserting my opinion in the piece and provided absolutely no counterpoint, of which there was plenty to be had. I got in over my head, was unqualified, and had no business doing what I did. I am sincerely sorry I did it and am eternally grateful things have still turned out the way they have.


If you wanted an apology from me without background (perhaps excuses), stop here. Below is background and a plan for the future.

I started this blog a year ago because some really great things were happening with soccer in St. Louis and mainstream journalism wasn’t really covering it. I thought, “I’ll do that”. Well, I spent last year making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve been very, very amateur and learned over and over that I am not a journalist. We are so blessed that soccer has garnered enough attention to have real, solid journalists doing a superb job with MLS expansion(see Mike Faulk and St. Louis Business Journal). Please refer to them for your MLS expansion news.

After the reaction to the posted letter I had to do a lot of soul searching. In the end I have decided to consider last year my schooling, cut out what I shouldn’t be doing, and aim to focus on what I think I’m good at.

Things you will not catch me doing going forward:

  • Mixing journalistic stories with opinion (probably avoiding “journalism” unless I get someone else “on staff”)

  • Inserting misleading, “click-baity” headlines

  • Posting articles on Twitter that I haven’t read


Things you will catch me doing next year:

  • Interviewing players and staff of Saint Louis FC

  • Interviewing guys like me from other teams’ cities

  • Giving player updates and reports

  • Having good spirited and nerdy conversations about St. Louis FC (including tactical ponderings--why? Because it’s my favorite)

  • Curate a collection of soccer stories and reports about soccer in St. Louis on Twitter

  • Have round table discussions that bring, as best as I can, multiple views to the table

  • Post opinionated editorials from time to time

  • Do my best to be as unbiased as possible--constantly looking for views counter to my own when writing and interviewing (this isn’t a promise of perfection)

Pugna Proclivitas is in and around my work in order to remind me to fight my own proclivities. I ask you to continue to hold me to that (although I request you avoid direct and foul public insult no matter how passionate you are about the situation).

Finally, I am sincerely interested in your thoughts on this matter. If you think these changes are or aren’t enough to continue this endeavor I’d like to know. Email me at stlsoccerreport@gmail.com. You’ll never catch me being unwilling to consider opinions counter to my own. I sincerely thank you for any past, current, and continued support and look forward to seeing you at Worldwide Technology Soccer Park. I’ll be there with beer (and maybe child) in hand, trying not to lose my cool (again, no promises of perfection).  -PG

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